Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Green Apple Festival- What's Going On?

What's going on with the Green Apple Festival? It's been in the planning stages since at least last August and yet no official announcement on other than a general description. The site had a list of bands up for like 2 hours one day and then quickly took it down- but not before SlackLaLane snagged the screenshot. Live Music Blog is also baffled.

Pollstar and jambase have a lot of listings for that weekend but only a few are specifically designated as Green Apple Festival (although quite a few obviously are based on the genre). Pollstar has a long list of performers for the Jammy Awards which kicks off the festival at the MSG theater. A lot of the shows are already on sale and still no official announcement: Toots/Soulive are on sale at Ticketbastard and Musictoday has the otherwise unannounced The Slip show at Coda. The Rocksoff site has a bunch of shows announced as part of Green Apple Festival and on sale already. In fact, the Umphrey's McGee show at CBGB's is already sold out!

I'm waiting, like I'm sure a lot of others are, until a full announcement before I buy tickets. I don't want to get tickets for something only for them to announce something better at the same time. This thing is only 6 weeks away; why no announcement yet? Rumors at PT are circulating that it's due to them having difficulty finding earth-friendly sponsors to go with the Earth Day theme of the festival.

Only one thing's a definite yes for me. Short of any Phish reunion, I've got my tickets and I'll be going on the afternoon Deep Banana Blackout boat cruise. I'd highly recommend any Rocksoff boat cruise, they are a ton of fun and the views are great. Plus DBB's got Jen back. I'm super psyched for that. The Rocksoff site says they have 3 boats this year! I hope that's true and not a typo, the addition of the big loveboat style westside boat was great and I'm sure any new boat would be just as good.
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