Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lawyer Breakin' the Law

Check out the John C. Dearie law tank breaking the law- again. Not only is his mobile law office parked in front of a hydrant, it's also parked so far away from the curb that it's impeding onto the bike lane on 1st Avenue. That's a violation of NYC DOT codes A40, A48, and possibly A45 (parking more than 8ft from a curb), normally subject to $115 fine for each.
This may be one scary looking lawyermobile but it's SWAT-like exterior hides a richly appointed interior with "mahogany molding and doors, carpeting, wallpaper, glass and brass fixtures and comfortable leather chairs". You had me at mahogany, Dearie. Thanks for bringing your law services right to the people that need it most, the latte sipping huddled masses of the impoverished Upper East Side.

Take a look at blogging MD Dr. Rangel and going off on the mobile law monstrosity's initial lawbreaking indiscretion. This article provides some more background on both Dearie, his tanks, and his weaksauce defense against the ambulance chaser allegations. In related news- Bob Loblaw lobs law bomb on the Bob Loblaw law blog.
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