Monday, March 06, 2006

Edgar Stiles- Dead Meat

Everyone's favorite lisping IT professional computer geek Edgar Stiles was killed off in tonight's 24. Chloe's pouting finally looked appropriate! I'm sorry you guys never hooked up. Everyone felt bad for you when your mom was hit by the nuclear bomb. Why were you so slow in getting out of the building Edgar? You were the last one dude.

Besides, the announcement said to evacuate the building Edgar, not head back towards your desk to see if everyone else was leaving. Of course it wouldn't have been typical dramatic 24 if you died in some stairwell alone. Doesn't CTU have a gym? Some sort of minimal fitness level? You knew those donuts would catch up to you eventually, as the Edgar Stiles song parody goes (to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama):
Fat fingers keep on typing
Trying to hack the back way in
Thinking thoughts about my donuts
I miss my Crispy Creme once again
And I think its a sin

Jack Bauer must avenge Edgar's death bigtime- his killcount is very low this season according to the Bauercount (just 15 kills with 12 episodes to go vs. last year's 44 total). With Edgar gone, there's no way Fox can let the show can go on without a significant addition. Kim Bauer is not strong enough to cut it. They've got to take 24 to the next level. They need the serious roundhouse kickpower that only the combined forces of Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris can provide:

Speaking of dead meat...not too much longer until NYC's best hamburger is back. It's the Shake Shack countdown!

Get in line now! Or as we say in New York- get ON line now. It's what Edgar Stiles would have wanted (seriously- he would have wanted a triple shackburger, 2 orders of cheese fries, a taxi dog, a Chicago dog, a shack attack frozen custard and a large diet Coke).
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