Friday, March 10, 2006

Funky Photo Friday

Why isn't it Friday today? Oh wait it is. That means it's time for Funky Photo Friday. First up is the awesome tiger curtain on 85th Street- I like how it's perfectly centered in the window:
The next picture is an empty N-train coming back from Astoria. It was freezing that night so everyone was in the middle cars, which line up closer to the stairwells in the stations where they were avoiding the cold. It only took me 3 or 4 stops to figure out the trick to getting a clear shot- wait until the train stops! The N train is one of the worst in the city- they take forever to show up and then just meander on slowly as if in no rush.
Some Fresh Direct fruit arranging? I minored in fruit arrangement in college with a certificate in vegetable stacking. My thesis was actually called "The Bulbous Butternut Squash Dilemma; The Gourd That Just Won't Fit". Made some awesome tostones last night with the smaller plantain. Basically just cut it into 1 inch chunks, fried them briefly and then my favorite part-smashing them with a mallet and a spatula until they are flattened latke style, finishing off with a brief refry to make them crispy. Seasoned with a little salt and pepper.
This next shot is entitled "Break Down the Core Reactor".
Have a great Friday everyone.
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