Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway Loses All Credibility

Project Runway..arrrgh. First Austin Scarlett now Santino. How that no talent derivative hack Chloe Dao wins Project Runway 2 with her poofyass shimmering chiffonightmare John Hughes movie 1985 prom dresses is beyond my scope of understanding. Santino shows up with a gorgeous line of modern wearable dresses for Olympus Fashion Week and he comes in 3rd. Clearly Santino's work was far superior to the other 2 and he should have been declared the winner. Daniel V's line was simple and tailored nicely, but perhaps a bit understated; even that was better than Chloe's.

Chloe is a businesswoman- she said that herself. She's a damn good one because she sold the panel of judges on her little tagline that she knows what fits a woman. Your dresses may fit well Chloe but nobody wants to wear something that looks like it came from the back of Debbie Gibson's closet circa Out of the Blue but with just a smidgen more poofiness added. What was up with the matching separate jacket with only sleeves dealie (that's a technical fashion term I learned 3rd year at FIT) on every other dress? The model "competition" is stupid, it's more of a lottery, and Chloe's winning model looks like Big Bird.

Bravo could have had anyone be the guest judge but they completely blew it with Debra Messing. Sorry but just being on a show with gay guys does not qualify you to be a judge in the final round of a fashion competition. Why wasn't the judge someone even remotely related to the industry? The finale is not the time to be doing NBC cross promotional stunts when it alters the course of the show so directly. If I see a Project Chloe special coming out, I'm gonna puke in my mouth.
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