Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Green Apple Festival- The Scoop

Ask and ye shall receive! The Green Apple Festival lineup has been announced. Here's the music list. Looks ok, doesn't really stand out as spectacular. I may go see Bela Fleck at either BB Kings or Irving Plaza in addition to Deep Banana Blackout on the boat. The Jammy awards lineup is up too on the Green Apple Festival page- or check out the Jammy's page. I'm not a huge fan of the Jammy awards- they are cool in concept- mixing bands of different genres onstage together but in practice it's not good. There was waaaaaay too much downtime inbetween bands at the one I went to (Roseland). The festival also features a short films screening, Earth Day exhibit at Grand Central, and some concerts for kids. Ambitious but spread too thin? I wonder who "Very Special Artist" at Bowery Ballroom is on Sat/Sun?
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