Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cadbury Mini Eggs McFlurry

The Cadbury Mini Eggs McFlurry is not just some made up stoner munchie food, it's the real deal Holyfield. Yes- it's lame for an adult American tourist in London to eat at McDonald's, however there was no way in hell I was going to pass up this opportunity for a unique cultural culinary experience since the Limited Edition Cadbury Mini Eggs McFlurry is only available in the UK (for only 1 pound!).

After waiting on an interminable queue despite the late hour, I finally tasted the creamy chocolately egglike goodness. It can only be described as sublime; a gift from the gods that mortal man was never meant to taste. The mini eggs are crushed and swirled in with the McFlurry's soft serve vanilla. I'm not sure if they added something else or the combination caused it, but it almost had a melted marshmallow consistency that tasted like a swirled in Cadbury Creme egg- in some ways similar to Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. It's important to note that despite the creme taste, mini eggs do not actually have Cadbury Creme inside them, just chocolate. Insert your own McBlurry photo joke here:Dear McDonald's North America,
Please bring the Cadbury Mini Eggs McFlurry to the United States. It is unfair to deny the fine citizens of the US such a prestigious and delicious product. Additionally it would take some of the heat off your company for slowly eliminating the Shamrock Shake. This would be the perfect marketing opportunity with a sidestory for Grimace, who as everyone knows already loves the shakes. Or perhaps a new McFlurry Rabbit character could be introduced as an assistant to Mayor McCheese but moonlighting as a getaway driver for the Hamburglar. Caught between two worlds McFlurry Rabbit's thoughts are tormented and conflicted as he turns to boozing it up with the Fry Guys to ease the pain. It's a no brainer. Sincerely,
McLovin' the McFlurry in McAllen Texas
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