Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When Do We Eat? A Passover Treat

Oy vey. I just came back from a screening of the new movie When Do We Eat? This might possibly be the finest Passover comedy movie ever made. I can't think of another one that tops it, or even another one at all. The premise behind the movie is a dysfunctional family getting together for a Passover seder. Oh and also the druggie son slips the father some ecstasy, the lesbian daughter's black girlfriend brings the matzah, and the Wall St banker son has turned Hasidic. Not to mention the autistic son, sex surrogate daughter, Jewish mother, and the handyman who all join them for the seder.

When Do We Eat? was hysterical. Very well paced with big and small laughs throughout. The entire family goes through a unleavened rollercoaster of emotions as they all bring their issues to the table. The soundtrack consisted of some traditional Hebrew songs done in various modern styles- techno, reggae, etc. There were some charoseriffic special effects to show the father (very well played by Michael Lerner) tripping out on the drugs.

I'd recommend it for all Jews and anyone with at least minimal familiarity with the Passover holiday. Many of the themes are universal and relevant to any family. Do not pass-over the funniest Jewish movie since The Hebrew Hammer and probably the funniest Passover movie of all time. When Do We Eat? comes out on April 7th in select theaters.
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