Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dosa Man in Washington Square Park

The dosa man in Washington Square Park is probably the best street cart vendor in all of New York City. I'm not a big falafel fan, so apologies to the falafel guys on 46th. Anyway...dosas are essentially stuffed Indian crepes. The dosa man serves up an awesome vegan menu of inexpensive South Indian items from his busy cart on the south side of Washington Square Park.
The dosa man pours the batter onto the grill and then fills it per your order. You tell him the level of spiciness you desire. I got a masala dosa inbetween medium and hot or "medium plus" as he called.
The $4 dosa comes with a small cup of amazing spicy vegetable soup and coconut chutney. The coconut chutney had a deliciously refreshing flavor but I was not a fan of it's almost gritty texture. The masala dosa was really good. The dosa man makes them quite thin and slightly crispy and with the filling concentrated towards the middle, so you can fold up the bottoms and eat it like a burrito with your hands. The spiced potato filling inside it was flavored nicely. I also ordered a $1 samosa which was crispy and tasted great dipped in the green chutney. $5 total: The dosa man is very friendly, cheap and delicious. An unbeatable combo.
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