Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dude Where's My TV?

The last few weeks have been some sort of TV black hole. The May sweeps are over and the networks haven't started airing their summer shows yet. There's nothing on these days. Even cable hasn't come in with many new shows. Someone should be taking advantage of this down time to put on something new-anything really.

The whole sweeps concept is stupid; all the good shows are on at the same time and then all of a sudden the viewer is left with total crapfests like So You Think You Can Dance 2 and Celebrity Game Show Marathon. Rickki Lake, you're no Bob Barker. CBS has somehow managed to scrape the very bottom of the C-list celebrity barrel to find contestants. Even VH1's Surreal Life had bigger names. You know you have problems when one of your only 6 celebs is a third tier Baywatch babe and another is Tim "no for real I was on SNL for 5 years, don't you remember any of my skits? no Tracy Morgan plays the short bus zoologist- really you don't remember me?" Meadows. At least we have Last Comic Standing to fill up the TiFaux once a week.

In the spirit of crappy TV, I bring you piss poor cellphone pictures from my new A900 Blade. Still working on stealth photo skillz, this was my first attempt:
Ok that's a lie, that was like my 5th attempt, but it was my first that came out with any degree of clarity. Check out the awesome truck logo below.. Icee baby! Actually a decent picture considering it's low light at night.
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