Tuesday, May 30, 2006

NBC- Don't Screw Up Last Comic Standing Again

Surprise surprise. Last Comic Standing is back on NBC. Hopefully NBC won't screw it up again this year. If you recall, during the last season of Last Comic Standing in the fall of 2004, the show was pulled with only the finale episode remaining. Airing in it's place was a repeat of already cancelled Father of the Pride- the animated show about Siegfried and Roy's lions during which the winner was announced via an onscreen scroll. The finale actually did air a few days later on Comedy Central but what was the point since NBC had already announced the winner. In retrospect it's funny but the laugh is at the expense of the inept scheduling department.

Needless to say, former host Jay Mohr was beyond pissed and has not returned this year. Taking over hosting duties this year is that guy with the weird accent from Boston Common. Does anyone think he's actually funny? He was barely even on the show tonight.

The premiere episode tonight make absolutely no mention of Last Comic Standing season 1 winner Dat Phan. Could it be because Dat Phan was the unfunniest person to ever appear on television and only won due to the producers leaving the final voting in the hands of an audience believing they were voting for the comedian who would make the best sitcom host instead of just the best stand up comedian? That somehow America was wooed by an impression of a crazy Vietnamese mother? Or maybe season 1 wasn't mentioned because celebrity judges Brett Butler and Drew Carey pulled out of the show in complete outrage after it was determined that their votes had no bearing on the competition whatsoever?
The current season of Last Comic Standing is off to a mixed start so far with some questionable eliminations. The actor who played Skippy on Family Ties puts forth a funny and topical routine but doesn't make it. A girl with a lisp who tells lisp jokes is put through to the next round while several funny New York comedians are left high and dry. The judges (who the hell are these guys anyway?) are clearly going for younger more unknown talent. We'll see how the talent stacks up once the next round begins but NBC it's looking questionable so far, you're on shaky ground- don't screw it up again.
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