Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jersey Drivers

I really wasn't going to post this but an incident today on 22nd street has forced my hand. Now it's pretty well known that New Jersey drivers have a bad reputation. If you don't believe that, believe New York Hack who's documented firsthand experiences here, here, here, or maybe here. Anyway back to 22nd street near Broadway, a car attempted to parallel park in a spot next to a hydrant with 20 feet of empty curb on either side and yet still managed to come in at such a sharp angle that he was within inches of hitting the pump (which is at least a foot in from the curb). With at least 40 feet of space there was no reason to be parallel parking to begin with. I said to myself, this guy's either completely blitzed off his ass or he's from Jersey. Sure enough, I look at his plates when I get closer and he's stone cold sober. Alas I did not have my camera with me.

The incident was the second in less than 5 days; it reminded me of a picture I took on 72nd street over the weekend while walking around waiting for David Copperfields to open. Magic Hat Porters are awesome by the way. Nice parking job, Jersey. It's not like this was a tricky left side of a one way street parallel job. This is standard week 2 of driver's ed stuff. You've got to straighten up once you get in the spot buddy.
To be fair, I'm sure there's at least one or two good Jersey drivers out there.
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