Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Burger Joint Review

I went to The Burger Joint on 3rd and 20th in Gramercy for lunch today . The Burger Joint (not to be confused with Burger Joint) is small, with a bar seating about 10 surrounding the tiny grill and a counter in the window. I ordered a double hamburger, fries, and a Diet Rite. Normally I would not drink Diet Rite but the fountain soda choices were extremely limited unique.
Sitting at the bar, my fries were brought to me almost immediately with the burger following less than a minute later. The hamburger is sized like a thick slider, topped with grilled onions and served on a potato roll. The Burger Joint hooks you up with a massive mound of french fries. The excellent fries were crispy as if twice fried frites style.
The burger was juicy and had a distinct spiciness that I could not put my finger on until I saw a worker mixing up more meat. He used salt, pepper, and garlic to spice it up. On my next bite, all I could taste was garlic. The burgers are overly garlicy. It overwhelms the beef flavor and is unnecessary. Then I saw the grill worker doing the cardinal sin of burger cooking- pushing them down with his spatula. You learn not to do that in Burgers 101. For these reasons I can't recommend The Burger Joint. You're about 1000 times better off at nearby Shake Shack even with the massive line.
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