Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sassy's Sliders Smooth Secret

It's no secret that Sassy's Sliders has pretty good bite sized burgers and fresh cut fries.
The small mostly takeout burger stand is on 3rd Avenue just north of 86th St. next to Papaya King. The menu offers a variety of bite sized burgers including chicken parm (not so good) and veggie (never had 'em but I'm picturing square cuts of flattened broccoli in my head). The beef and turkey sliders are your best options- the meat is nicely grilled and slightly salty. This is complemented nicely by the grilled onions that sink into the bottom of the fluffy moist steamed buns. The bun/meat ratio is perfect for this style of burger. Sassy's fries tend to be a bit greasy but are crispy and delicious. Today I went with a relatively healthier option of turkey burger sliders and sweet potato fries:
Ok so what's the big secret? The secret is that Sassy's Sliders has the best shakes in New York. Creamy smooth thick shakes made using soft serve ice cream. Just awesome. So did I order a shake and take a picture to share with everyone? Hell to the no- I'm still feeling like a sloth from eating so much Big Wong the other night. Instead I present you some girl freaking out and shaking it to her own homemade Sassy's theme song.

Ahhh Sassy's.
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