Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mets and Pedro at Shea

Last night I went to the Mets game at Shea Stadium. I jumped on the $5 tickets when they were released and as luck would have it, Pedro Martinez was pitching. It was all fun and games until it started to rain. Pedro pitched well, struck out like 9 in 6 innings but did not get the win as the Mets lost in extra innings. We got our $5 worth for sure. Shea Stadium was built in the 1960's and still looks it:
The view from the ramps up is actually pretty sweet, full skyline view:Mr. Met is the iconic baseball headed mascot (and an excellent left fielder; he was drafted out of USC in '87 but was forced to retire before playing a single major league game due to a head injury caused by an ill fitted helmut)...if Mr. Met says no smoking you better listen:
Doing lines is apparently ok though...speaking of.. somebody must have been high on the crack when they replaced the awesome Meet the Mets theme song with some rap number which I think even attempts to rhyme something with Delgado in one of the versus:World's greatest elevator.. I'm going to see if my co-op board will go for redecorating our elevator similarly:
Like George Costanza knocking over kids at a birthday party when the smoke alarm goes off, Mets fans are rabid for a Mr. Met thrown Mets shirt. Notice how the middle $5 seat sections are much fuller than the full price seats behind Mr. Met.
Capacity crowd here at Shea today.
Halfway through the chilly 4th inning the ice cream vendor came around again and was promptly booed loudly by some fans behind me. The ice cream guy was not taking this lightly; he went to the top of the stairs and brashly started yelling right back at them, "we'll see who's booing when summer comes around, once it gets warm you're mine, just wait 'til summer". Further escalation was avoided when the Mets got a hit.
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