Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shake Shack: Can't Beat Their Meat

It's now officially spring as the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park has reopened for the season. I hereby re-anoint the Shake Shack burger as the best burger in all of the great and bountiful land of Manhattan. Burger Joint will be forced to relinquish the crown until fall when the shack closes again. The Shake Shack is so dominant that is the king of burgers. In fact, I believe they should rename the place "Burger King", it's a real catchy name, I'm shocked nobody's thought of it yet. Great name for a hamburger place-rolls off tongue real smooth.
Apparently 3pm on a weekday is a great time to go. This was one of the shortest lines I've ever seen for the shack. The burger was fantastic as usual. Unfortunately I could not tear myself away from devouring it to snap a picture of the meat (and looking back at pics from my last trip- same thing). I was surprised they could not cook it medium-well; I had to choose one or the other. Shake Shack reigns supreme.
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