Friday, April 14, 2006

Quirky NYC Store Layouts- Duane Reade 86th/1st

New York City's premium on space creates some truly quirky store layouts, particularly for supermarkets and drugstores. Duane Reade is the biggest local drugstore chain with stores approaching ubiquity. Their stores are a bit bizarre to say the least (check out New York Metro unlocking some of the mystery of Duane Reade.). Sometimes they give you massively long receipts, which doesn't quite make up for not putting price stickers on any items. Almost every store has signs saying to form a line at each register, yet customers virtually always form a single line (not doing so may cause some consternation). There's always a line- day or night, at any location- always; even their CEO admits it. The most unusual characteristic for many stores is the quirky layouts. Check out this column in the middle of an aisle at the Duane Reade on 86th Street and 1st Avenue.
It's a pretty wide column, maybe 4 feet; a larger person with bus driver arms would not be able to reach in or get into the Dove shampoo and conditioner section. A handicapped person could not get in there. It's really discrimination and it must be stopped. Nobody wants to see someone get wedged in there until the fire department comes with the jaws of life just because they want conditioner with moisture pearls. Short armed fat people need the good shampoo too! At least the rest of the layout for this store is very straightforward- just a box. In coming weeks I'll be bringing you more quirky NYC store layouts that will make this look positively normal.
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