Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rocks Off Concert Cruises Rocks On

An awesome thing about New York summers is the Rocks Off boat cruises. They take you out on a three hour tour (...a three hour tour) on the river with a live band rocking your dome. Rocks Off runs two boats- The Half Moon which is smaller and leaves from the east side and The Temptress which is more Love Boaty and takes off from the west side. Both boats have outdoor areas with speakers for smoking or enjoying the views but the band area is weather protected inside. The Temptress will sometimes head north up the Hudson but will usually go south towards the Statue of Liberty; the Half Moon seems to always head south. Rocks Off keeps the prices pretty reasonable considering you're getting a boat cruise and a concert all in one- usually $20-30.

Yesterday afternoon I was on The Temptress to see Deep Banana Blackout as part of the Green Apple Festival. Overall a good show, nice to hear Jen Durkin back with them again, but it somehow didn't have the same magic as the old days and I'm not sure exactly why. Anyway, here's the view from the back of the tiny dance floor- the band is under the overhang straight ahead. It can be difficult to see them from certain spots on the boat. Two winding small staircases to the upstairs are to the rear.
Randoms relaxing on the rear outdoor deck in the misty rain. The deck in the front is partially covered. Almost as close to Lady Liberty as you can get without crossing the Homeland Security white cross these and we'll sink you in two seconds no hesitation ask questions later floaties.
Concert cruise season has just begun, so get on board.
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