Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top Chef Cooks

Top Chef is another well done reality competition series from Bravo. The challenges are interesting and the elimination process is very fair. Although like Project Runway, a few of the challenges are based more on luck than real cheffing. Plus the host is Billy Joel's (much younger) wife. Here's who left on Top Chef and what their deal is:

The flamboyant bleached blonde gay Californian. One week he looks like he has no clue what he's doing, the next he's putting out impressive meals. He frequently gets frazzled easily and runs around the kitchens frantically. Seems like a nice guy though not quite Top Chef material. Odds of becoming Top Chef: 100-1

The overconfident young sommelier. Cocky does not even begin to describe Stephen. His knowledge of wines, foods, and cooking is impressive but he is often blinded by his knowledge- unable to deviate away from making a technically good but soulless meal. His presentations and flavor combinations look outstanding at times but his immaturity will cost him. Always wearing a suit even when the other chefs are in uniforms does not help his case. The guy you love to hate. Odds of becoming top chef: 20-1.

The quiet underachiever. Harold seems to do pretty good every week but never good enough to win. He has a great deal of common sense and is very focused on his goal of winning. Harold appears to get distracted by non-kitchen goings on and can lose interest if not in his element. With the right types of remaining competitions, he could be the dark horse to win. Odds of becoming Top Chef: 8-1.

The bubbly but tough red head. Tiffani is clearly very experienced and comfortable in the kitchen. Her dishes are almost always appealing and unique. She exudes confidence but it's that same confidence that may betray her, as she can be difficult to work with in a team situation. She is virtually guaranteed top 3 and her odds of becoming Top Chef are 3-1.

Lee Ann
The consistant one. Lee Ann is extremely talented but she doesn't show it in her personality. She lets her food do all the talking. Lee Ann has executed almost every challenge with great ease to near perfection. She is consistently among the top and is right now the one to beat. She is tough and creative. Odds of becoming Top Chef: 2-1.

Top Chef airs on Bravo on Wednesday nights.
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