Thursday, April 27, 2006

Survivor Is Awesome This Year

The old man of reality TV, Survivor, is as strong as ever. For Survivor Panama, CBS has switched up the strategies in the game by introducing "Exhile Island" and the secret immunity idol. The game is down to the final 6 and suddenly there's all sorts of shifting alliances and it's become completely unpredictable. That's not going to stop me from bs'ing a prediction though. Up until last week it seemed like Shane (the Tommy Lee lookalike) was running the show. Now it seems like Cirie's boobs are in large and in charge.

Terry appears to be unstoppable in challenges and he has the hidden immunity idol, so it will be very difficult to defeat him. Plus he sort of looks like MacGuyver. But the big question is if he's in the final 2, will the jury vote for him based on his merits or will they vote for whomever else based on them making it that far in a significantly less physical manner than Terry. Then there is the curse of the car; he won the car and now he will lose Survivor. That's how it's gone every other time someone wins the car, and somehow it will continue.

Danielle (brunette Melissa Rivers) is clearly not going to make it much further as she has no grasp of the game's strategies. She will be used as a pawn of some sorts. If Mr. Miyagi hadn't been forced out last week due to injury, she might not be here this week. Aras might win it all. He doesn't appear to have made many enemies and has played well strategically and physically. The only issue is that everyone else is aware of that and he has a huge target on his head.

So I'm going out on a huge limb here and predicting Cirie and her gradually increasing bosom will be the winner. She is much more deceitful than she lets on to be (or the producers let her on to be). Cirie knows who's playing who and is not afraid to shake things up in her favor. She will sit back and let others self destruct if needed or will make a move if she's in danger, like this week. Cirie will be victorious.
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