Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Unanimous: Unan1mous Sucks

Mercy! Just end it already. Unan1mous, FOX's latest reality stinker is too grating to watch. In theory Unan1mous should be great; put a bunch of schlubs in a bunker and don't let them out until they make a unanimous decision on the winner, while the money goes down from $1.5 million at a buck a second while contestants are slowly whittled down to live-in voting outcasts. Social Darwinism in a human sized ant farm.

In execution however, Unan1mous is as horrible as it's name. Paradoxically, the show is too short. It's only 30 minutes and has too many seemingly made up on the fly new rules to explain each week. There's also a painfully slow voting process involving the contestants dropping an orb into a bank teller like vacuum slot. The host, who only appears on the monitors, looks like a robotic Danny Bonaduce. He might be computer generated, I'm not even sure. The bunker looks sort of 1998 dotcom excess company conference room space-agey meets Ikea low budget meets cheesy SciFi movie set. The outcasted players are forced to wear what looks like an inside out Star Trek background extra person's shirt with huge X on the shoulder. Dropping the prize from $1.5 million to $750K the first episode when someone quit the show definitely didn't help.

The show's short length gives the viewer virtually no time to learn anything about the contestants beyond their voting strategies. It's too stripped down. At this point, I'm too invested to stop watching the show even though I know it sucks. I just need to see who wins and be done with it. I have no emotional attachment to any of the contestants. I just don't want the guy who was revealed to have been in a mental institution to win because he might be crazy enough to make a Unan2mous.
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