Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quirky NYC Store Layouts 3- CTown 89th/1st

This is the third round of quirky NYC store layouts and we're taking it to the next level today- floorplans (see previous QSL's #1 & #2). As mentioned before, New York's premium on real estate leads to some weird store layouts. Today we'll examine the CTown supermarket on 1st Avenue between 89th and 90th.
As you can see, it's a pretty new store located on the ground floor of a high rise apartment building.
In aisle three there is not one but two of these massive wood paneled columns blocking your path. But how does that fit in to the rest of the store? Good thing I asked because I expertly created on high quality drafting paper...hold your applause till the end...a floorplan:
This is pretty close to scale. Aisle 1 is on the far left. I've labeled the major food groups- produce, Goya products, soda, beer, breads, fish, ice cream, deli counter, and cheese. The whipped cream food group is not labeled but can be found near cheese island. Note the big columns in aisle 3 and how aisles 5-10 are only about 7 feet long each. Around the corner from the soda section is a small unlit nook with chips leading right to an employee only door. On the top right is a serene island of neatly arranged cheese products only accessible by passing through the beer section. This is probably the least dirty CTown in all the city.
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