Sunday, May 07, 2006

What About What About Brian?

Astute television viewers are aware of a new show on ABC called "What About Brian". Astute English readers will wonder why the show's title doesn't feature a question mark. What About Brian is about three couples in the stages of marriage (engaged, newlyweds trying to have a baby, long term with kids with an "open" relationship) and single guy Brian.

The show is enjoyable. It has fairly realistic interlocking plot lines- 7.6 on the J$ believability scale. The relatable characters face some real serious subjects but the interspersed humorous situations and dialogue add a lightness to the show that makes it easy to watch. The casting and acting seems pretty solid.

What About Brian airs on Monday nights. Despite having only aired four episodes so far, ABC is calling tomorrow's episode the season finale. This leaves 3 shot but unaired episodes hanging. Let's just hope ABC keeps this show around and doesn't pull a Love Monkey on us and send it's last few episodes to the dark depths of cable.
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