Saturday, May 06, 2006

David Blaine Drowned Alive

David Blaine is doing a stunt in Lincoln Center called "Drowned Alive" where he is submerged underwater in a bubble for a week with only an oxygen/feeding tube. I went around 8pm tonight and there was a huge crowd there to see him, I'd estimate it at 2000. Lots of people were lined up to get close to the bubble.
Blaine would alternate sinking and rising. His handlers were checking on him periodically. I was surprised how small the bubble is- not much bigger than his height.
Here's some exciting video I took- complete with soundtrack:

David Blaine should take on Survivorman in some sort of deprivation challenge. Did you know that he has dated Madonna, Josie Maran, Fiona Apple, and Daryl Hannah (although not all at the same time)?
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