Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Big Wong is Tasty

Despite the unfortunate name at Big Wong Restaurant the food is really good. I was looking for a more authentic (ie less American) Chinese place in Chinatown than WoHop when my friend said to me, "I love Big Wong". I retorted, "Does your wife know about that?". After several minutes of confusion I got the restaurant recommendation. Last night I tried out Big Wong.
Walking into the Mott Street joint, I could already see it bulging with people. Multiple waiters stopped by to be cocksure that someone had taken our order. The first dish came quickly- perhaps premature, as our soup had not arrived yet. The chicken in black bean and garlic sauce was extremely flavorful. Big Wong's sauce was sticky and thick, almost creamy. The garlic taste was more prevalent on the tongue than the beans. The rice was sticky enough to make my chopsticks stand erect when placed in the mound even after soaking up the sauce. Next up was the roast duck and pork over rice. We were served big meaty chunks of moist juicy Big Wong pork. The Big Wong duck was extremely succulent with a crispy skin, but the bones made it hard to eat with the sticks. Lastly our wanton soup was served. In a ballsy move, Big Wong put both shrimp and pork wantons into the tasty but overly scallionated soup. Completely stuffed from Big Wong, I cocked my head over towards the waiter to give the check nod and pull out.

Big Wong is one of the best Chinese restaurants. You can not beat them for price/taste/value. I could eat Big Wong almost every day of the week. I love Big Wong pork and duck. Even as I write this, I'm craving more Big Wong. Big Wong is at 67 Mott St, just south of Canal St.
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