Friday, May 12, 2006

Little Brick Building vs Big Gray Rat

In New York if a building uses non-union workers and the union catches on, they will dispatch a giant inflatable rat to sit in front of the building's doorway. This one has been in front of 420 E. 86th Street most of the week. There's also a scary looking union guy guarding the big rat and handing out flyers. I took a picture of the less menacing looking of the two- the cute NY hat gives it the edge. Here is the rat after it pounded a pair of (non-union) orange hat wizards clear into the pavement:Usually buildings just sit there and take it like a bitch. 420 E 86th says "Nuh uh. I don't think so. Giant inflatable rat, it is on like Donkey Kong". The building has plastered flyers along the sidewalk calling the union a rat and accusing them of "lies and propaganda".
Earlier today, the signs were still up and the giant inflatable rat in a hat was gone. Building 1. Rat 0.
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