Monday, May 15, 2006

Small and Mighty Interns

The All Small and Mighty Laundry clothes covered promotional bus was in town today.
Upon approaching the bus, I saw several people dressed alike aggressively handing out flyers. Really pushing them- jumping into people's paths and not moving until they took one. All with a good natured smile though. Immediately I glanced around looking for TV cameras because it looked like something out of The Apprentice. Seeing none, I was confused by the tactics. Then suddenly I came to a realization- it's intern season! I proceeded to take a flyer and fold it into my back pocket. Not more than 10 seconds later as I stopped to take a picture of the crazy clothed bus, did the two flyer holding giggling Small and Mighty interns (pictured above) try to forcibly give me another flyer. Despite showing them the flyer sticking out of my back pocket they insisted I take one. The Small and Mighty interns got all up in my business almost pushing me over and actually placed a flyer in my hoodie pockets before another Small and Mighty intern reassured them they I did in fact have a flyer. So to the two All Small and Mighty interns above, I applaud your literal representation of the Small and Mighty brand.
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