Monday, May 15, 2006

Disco Biscuits at Albany's Palace Theater

Saturday night the Disco Biscuits played at the Palace Theater in Albany. The Palace is a gorgeous theater with fantastic sound and is a really enjoyable place to see a concert. It has a huge balcony and is extremely wide overall. The interior is ornately decorated, the beer is reasonable at $4.50, and there's no lines for the bathrooms.

The only negative points are for the long lines for beer. Oh and the fact that it's located in downtown Albany and if you walk more than 3 blocks in the wrong decoration you are in one scaryass hood with hookers, pimps, crackheads, vacant lots, boarded up buildings, and people taunting you for being white. Good times.
The show was pretty good, it had both really danceable moments and some slower songs. I liked the long intro jam to Spectacle that started the show. The Munchkin Invasion beginning drum section into Little Betty Boop featuring a Sabre Dance (classical tune) jam then back into a partially inverted Munchkin (ending first, then middle) before going back into Boop was hot hot hot. Confused? Those are the lights from Helicopters (which was pretty good) above. I actually did not intend to take any pictures but we ended up moving back in the middle of the 2nd set to a sweet spot right behind the soundboard and I since I had my camera in my pocket anyway, I could not resist. Memphis and Nughuffer seemed to be lacking any real energy. The new song was decent; will have to relisten as I missed part of it due to our relocating for more space.
Basis lights above. I liked the Basis- it was surprising that they would play such a long complex song so late in the show. As you can see, the crowd was pretty pumped up by this point. Have a Cigar encore was a lot of fun again- they play it pretty close to the original version.
If you leave the Palace theater after a show, turn around and see the marquee from this angle, DO NOT continue to walk- go a different way. Unless you're looking for some post concert crack or hookers. Whatever floats your boat.
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