Monday, May 22, 2006

Stealth DaVinci Code Ad?

More weirdness over on York Avenue. Is this a stealthy ad for the DaVinci Code movie? It sort of looks like a map of Italy with a circle and fire coming out of it. Might be a clue. On second thought if I squint hard enough it sort of looks like Arvid Engen from Head of the Class. Hmm... Arvid Engen is an anagram for Gave Nerd In. I theorize that a secret sect of albino nerds is holding the final unreleased season of Head of Class, including the long rumored "Gave Nerd In" episode where Darlene Merriman (played by Robin Givens) goes on a rampage after getting an A- in gym and holds Eric hostage until teacher Charlie aka Dr. Johnny Fever and guest star Mike Tyson calm her down . This VHS stash, hidden since the 20th century, can be located by following the clothesline at St. Patrick's and can be opened using Dennis Blunden's locker combination. Or so my theory goes. Ron Howard give me a call if you're looking for a sequel.