Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Barry Diller's Big Ugly Monolith

The new IAC headquarters designed by Frank Gehry is rising in Chelsea over near the West Side Highway. The building's shape is really cool. One would have to assume that IAC's CEO Barry Diller would like to keep his orifice office on the top near the hole.
While the shape is awesome, the semi-reflective banded glass is butt ugly. Hello 1987 suburban office park.
The building's undulations lead to some interesting reflections though. Or non-reflections.
That water tower is directly on top of a building that is not reflected. I can assure you that the water tower building is in fact NOT a vampire and would in normal circumstances actually have a reflection.
Here the IAC building is actually reflecting only itself as this corner is angled inward however the reflected IAC looks taller and skinnier. Hmm.. so maybe it really is a vanity building.
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