Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Brouhaha in Park Slope

Happy Halloween Velvet Sea worldwide readership.

Woah crazy shit going down this evening around 8:30 on 5th Ave near President. A gaggle of teens got into a heated argument over something or other; apparently one pulled a knife. A lady uniformed cop and an undercover arrested one guy, they had him handcuffed against a vehicle in the middle of the street but they were quickly surrounded by a large group yelling and screaming. About a minute later the NYPD cruisers and van show up; as their sirens approach half the group takes off down the street and about 15 uniformed officers come running down the middle of street after a perp I guess.

Then the NYPD scooter finally showed up followed by one of those pokey little 3 wheeled square vehicles. One guy was arrested, apparently per a bystander he "handed the knife off to the little kid" whatever that means. I don't think anyone was hurt as the ambulances that showed up appeared empty and the cops left the scene shortly thereafter. Within minutes the street was back to normal with little kids and their parents trick or treating as if nothing had happened.

And earlier in the day I saw this cop who appeared to be on a routine patrol: