Monday, June 19, 2006

Flying Trapeze in Central Park

On Saturday there was some sort of environmental extreme outdoor sports festival in Central Park that I'm too lazy to look up specifically but it featured a huge flying trapeze setup courtesy of Trapeze School New York. It was pretty cool to see daring young people flying through the air above the park with the greatest of ease, although I'm not sure how "extreme" it really was with all those safety ropes and harnesses. Is there any other type of trapeze besides the flying one? What's the difference between a trapeze and a swing? Can you trapeze without wearing spandex? Is trapeze even a verb? How many times do you have to see the word trapeze before it starts looking weird and you internally question it's spelling?
Did you know...the song "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" was written back in the 60's? The 1860's! Specifically in 1867 and it was inspired by Jules Leotard who was the first man to somersault on the trapeze as well as the first to jump from one trapeze to another. Let me be the first to call it the Who Let the Dogs Out of the 19th century. Did you know that Jules Leotard also invented...wait for it.. the leotard? Of course, Velvet Sea's fashionista contingent already knows that the leotard is back.
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