Monday, March 12, 2007

Kingsford Gets Grilling in Madison Square Park

Kingsford Charcoal sponsored a free event in Madison Square Park today called "Spring Forward, Get Grilling". The event celebrated yesterday's daylight savings time and the awesomeness of Kingsford brand charcoal.
At various points in the day grilling celebrities and pitmasters took the microphone and grills to give the audience recipes, pointers, demonstrations and product pitches for Kingsford Charcoal.
The irony of the huge crowds gathering around for tips on charcoal bbq'ing is that very few New Yorkers actually barbecue due to space limitations! Outdoor space is at a severe premium here. Occasionally you will see a bbq set up on a balcony, fire escape, or rooftop but per FDNY regulations, the majority of these are illegal:
Only use a charcoal barbecue grill on a balcony or terrace if there is a ten foot clearance from the building and there is an immediate source of water (garden hose or four (4) gallon pail of water). Otherwise, such barbequeings is dangerous and illegal.
Back to the legal grilling- below you see multiple time world champion pitmaster Chris Lilly (left) of Alabama's well known grill joint Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q talking about charcoal flavor profiles and the superiority of Kingsford Charcoal while his team of minions slices the meat. Yes, the baseball cap is an absolute requirement in the world of pro-BBQ:
So why would a bunch of people who don't barbecue, stand around a guy lecturing on the subject? Free meat! A variety of meats were served up and the ravenous crowd devoured the free samples as quick as the pigs-in-a-blanket hors d'oeuvres go at a wedding. Except they were much tastier and there was no open bar. Behold, some sort of beef on a stick I got after a 15 minute wait:
The beef was really good-tender and juicy, with a perfect amount of some sort of slightly citrus marinade (if I was paying attention to the demonstration instead of drooling over the scent of the bbq ribs, I would know exactly what I was actually eating instead of just marinated "meat"). Thanks Chris Lilly and thanks Kingsford Charcoal! Great event.