Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brooklyn Bean Comes to 4th Avenue

Fourth Avenue has officially arrived!!!! Coming soon to the corner of Carroll St. on the Gowanus side of the street is Brooklyn Bean, which I presume is an outpost of Brooklyn Bean & Tea Company, a recently opened coffee shop on Atlantic Ave. Interesting that it's opening a bit in advance of the completion of all the forthcoming "luxury" residential condo developments on 4th Ave.
Brooklyn Bean replaces Family Car Service- relocated to the rear of the building. They will have some coffee competition, as there is El Cafetin in the Lyceum and McDonald's with it's "69 cents any coffee any size" diagonally across the street in either direction as well as Ozzie's and Trois Pommes (which serves Gorilla Coffee) just up the block on 5th Ave.
I wonder if they used the paint brand advertised on the billboard above the building.