Sunday, November 04, 2007

New York City Marathon

Today was the NYC Marathon. This was the first one I have caught from 4th Ave in Brooklyn, my normal spot was up on 1st Ave in money making Manhattan. It was interesting because the gap between the lead pack and everyone else is much smaller (in past years I'd catch the lead pack and then go home for an hour).

The French really like to get dressed up for it:
Of course, America runs on Dunkin:
The HANDS DOWN CRAZIEST MARATHONER of all time- running the streets of NYC barefoot???!!?!?!!! are you kidding me buddy?
This guy was great, hamming it up for the crowd:
Dude you're getting beat by a bunny.... a bunny in camouflage panties:
Here's my posts on last years marathon to tide you over: here & video here.