Monday, November 05, 2007

2007 NYC Marathon part 2

Here's a marathon of pictures and videos from yesterday's 2007 ING New York City Marathon. First the lead pack racing by:
Next is a video from the middle of the pack- you can get a real sense of the crowd excitement here:

And now on to more interesting runners. These are all shown to you in the order these runners passed.. here's a feather hat guy:
Viking horns:
French & American flags:
Big flagpole guy- this looked difficult to run with since he couldn't move his arms much:
The ever popular beer guy:
The Incredible Hulk:The march of the penguin..
Superman trying to catch up to the Hulk:
Double shot!! Tuxedo man plus gas mask guy...that's got to be difficult to breathe in:

Next up was the Star Wars crew...Darth Vader was in the lead (not pictured) followed by Yoda (far right with backpack) and Chewbacca guarding the rear:Firefighter in full gear:
Run people run.. you're getting beat by a clown!
Elvis spotting! Elvis was saying "thank you very much" to anyone who cheered him specifically.
And last but obviously not least.. Larry the Lighthouse! Look at the size of that costume thing. Watch out for the traffic lights Larry.
So in case you want to pick out a fast running outfit for next year, here are the official Velvet Sea 2007 NYC Marathon at mile 7 in Brooklyn standings are:
1. Feather Hat Guy 2. Viking 3. Dual Flags 4. Flagpole Holder 5. Beer Man 6. Hulk 7.Penguin 8. Superman 9. Gas Mask 10. Tuxedo 11. Darth Vader 12. Yoda 13. Chewy 14. Firefighter 15. Clown 16. Elvis 17. Lighthouse Larry. Good luck next year runners!