Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Darkcloud and the Life Lesson

Following up to last week's "Graffiti on a Pole" post, here's some street art by Darkcloud, who specializes in painting uhhh ...well..dark clouds. Really cool dark clouds though! Darkcloud teaches us that sometimes it's best to find one thing and do it well, rather than spread yourself too thin. That's the life affirming lesson to be learned from graffiti today. I'll be at the Learning Annex all week if anyone wants to pay to hear more of my lessons from everyday life, including "I stepped in dog poop and stopped worrying about the next step in life", "The bookstore was closed but I found that life is an open book", "I lost my dry cleaning ticket but not my mind", "I tipped the pizza counter guy and it tipped the scales of my life", and of course the classic "It's ok to park in a handicap spot because we're all handicapped in our own way".